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Who We Are

Rise Financial is an investment advisory firm started by Ken Ancell and located in Berkeley, California. Our mission is to help individuals and families realize their financial goals while investing in companies and products that make a positive, social, and/or environmental impact. As a local financial advisory practice with roots embedded in the community, our goal is to help you invest for the future and make a difference at the same time.

Rise Financial isn’t an old school, stodgy investment firm looking to churn clients to make a profit. We’re knowledgeable, patient and caring, not just regarding your investment needs, but for the community and world that we live in.

Our Investment Strategy

Invenstment Strategy
OUR INVESTMENT CRITERIA – Companies That We Invest In Must:

At the core of our investment philosophy is the strategy of investing in companies that benefit our communities, whether socially, economically or environmentally. We’re passionate about making a difference and helping to solve some of the ailments that afflict our world. We do this by conducting extensive research on companies that we invest in, analyzing many economic and social factors that are congruent with our investment philosophy. The result is a well-constructed investment portfolio with competitive performance and a measurable social impact.

While socially responsible investing is at the core of our investment strategy, we’ll still invest in traditional investment solutions and portfolios if you prefer that type of investing approach.

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Ken Ancell
Founder and CEO

Ken has worked in the investment industry for over 30 years, 15 of those as a financial advisor. As the steward and personal Chief Financial Officer of hundreds of clients’ investment portfolios, Ken is passionate about helping individuals and families realize their financial dreams. A world traveler, passionate baker, patient father of two, and charitable global citizen, Ken would like to help you meet your investment goals while doing good at the same time.