How a Passion for Making Bread Gave Rise to an SRI Firm

When it came time to choose a new name for my growing financial advisory practice, frankly the choice was quite simple. How could I marry my passion for baking bread and socially responsible investing? Rise Financial was born. The vision behind the firm is straightforward: take the recipe of baking bread through hard work, careful kneading and patience, and apply these same concepts to investing in companies and products that will make a meaningful difference in our lives. These are the right ingredients for success.


Why Now is a Great Time for Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), the concept of investing in companies and products that make a positive societal impact, has been around for many decades. However in this time of unprecedented political and global turmoil, socially responsible investing is more important than ever. SRI empowers individuals, families and institutions to invest in something that both supports your values and can provide strong returns.


Looking To Switch To A Bank With A Mission?

Banks have been in the news a lot lately, and frankly not for the right reason. The problem is that we instill our trust and faith in these financial institutions, yet the power of greed and corruption inevitably seem to take over. But the news isn’t so bleak. There’s been a groundswell of interest recently among consumers switching to value-based banking, such as New Resource Bank.

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